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The land of Karakalpakistan has become a real construction world during independence years. Tuyamuyun – Nukus – Taxtakupir water pipe of which length is 243 km has been put up so as to provide the population with potable water. Production of gas and gas condenser, detergent, vermiculite concentrate, talkomagnezit and glycerol was put into action between the years 1991 and 2010. An enormous reinforced concrete bridge over the river Amudaryo, which connects the town Khoddjeli and the city Nukus, was erected in 2000; the 345 km train road which passes through Nukus, Sulton, Uvaystog, Miskin, Uchkuduk, Tinchlik, Navoi was built the next year together with reconstructing 4160 km high quality vehicle international road. Karakalpakistan is tremendously rich in raw materials. Considerable efforts are being made to seek, reproduce these materials. The mines named "Djel”, "Garbiy”, and "Aral” which have a bright future have been opened with overseas partners. In addition, new mines such as "Tillali”, "Sayxun”, "Inom” and "Arslon”, which were producing 45.000 cube meter gas daily and were built with builder teams of "Uzbekgeofizika” and "Ustyurt geofizika ekspeditsiyasi” ("Ustyurt geophysics expedition”) , are prime examples of intelligence and competence of Karakalpak geophysics scientists. The company "Ustyurt – gaz – kimyo” (Ustyurt – gas – chemistry), which was established with the first president of Uzbekistan, Islom Karimov’s initiative, is the center of attention by the globe as well as being avid interest for the world since the company was admitted being the best project of the year 2012 by the most prestigious international press. The prominent journal called "Infrastructure journal” declared the project as "the largest treatment of the year 2014 in the field of petroleum and gas”. As a result of this enterprise, which is worth $ 4 billion in total, not only the industry of Karakalpakistan but also Uzbekistan has improved dramatically. In the factory 3.7 billion cube meter gas, 387000 ton polyethylene, 83000 ton polypropylene, 102000 ton Piromez distillation and other precious goods are being manufactured.

Moreover, light industry is advancing rapidly for instance solely during the year 2016, "Bunyodbek- Khodjeli” family enterprise which produces wadding, skein manufacturing farm called "Yokupova Gavhar” are functioning effectively these days. In the district "ellikqala” "global national tex” factory is about to produce and sell jeans cloths. In Amudaryo district, "Kameks-KK” factory is manufacturing wadding whereas in factory "Avto-Qayip-mayshi” 50 thousand pairs of socks are being produces monthly.

Power and intelligence of farms have dramatically increased, average income of families have escalated noticeably and the proof of this phenomenon could be illustrated by mentioning the fact that every year in the republic more than a hundred families are accepting houses built in a new modern way and moving those accommodations.

The center of Karakalpakistan – Nukus has been changed discernibly for the last two years. "Baht Uyi” which is worth desiring by world youngsters, train station and art museum named after I.Saviskiy represent the city extraordinarily awesome. Entertainment premises which lasts for 2.5 km along the canal named "Dustlik” ("Friendship”) deserve the attention of habitants of the republic as well as international tourists’. It is commonly known that providing ecologic constancy in Karakalpakistan is a momentous duty. In accordance with the project aimed to put into action between the years 2013 and 2017 because of the law on protecting the environment implemented by the Organization of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a great deal of efforts are being made to improve the Aral Sea. In the dried parts of the sea, in Muynak district, in the section "Axantay” of the sea 1500, in "oqqum” part 34 hector artificial woods have been created. According to the project mentioned above, it has been arranged to spend 89.39 billion soums (uzbek currency), 1635.55 million US dollars and 57.63 million euros to improve the condition round the sea and to make artificial forests. Besides this, in accordance with the project which includes 90 million US dollars, establishing man-made forests is being carried out with the help of international organizations. Kungurat detergent factory, which is one of immense manufacturing factories in Karakalpakistan, is mainly occupied with exporting its merchandise. The factory that is providing 34-35 thousand ton washing powder to its overseas consumers is capable of supplying sufficient production to its internal market as well.

In Karakalpakistan, which is developing and blossoming day by day, contemporary conveniences in medical service providing organizations and hospitals for the usage of habitants are worth admiration. The most modern conveniences and conditions are created at Toshkent state pediatric institute, Tashkent state agriculture university, Toshkent state information technology university, Nukus division of Toshkent state culture institute, Karakalpak state university named after Berdah and Karakalpak state pedagogic institute named after Adjeniyaz. All education organizations have been provided with the most modern information technology devices to show karakalpak young generation’s talents, intelligence and competence.

All in all, peoples of the multinational Republic of Karakalpakistan as inheritors of paradise-like country named Uzbekistan of which future is bright continue prospering their beloved country keeping the great concern which is retaining freedom in their minds. Because for people living happily in free Karakalpakisatn, it is proud to serve for the happiness and future of their motherland.


Written by Robiya YULDASHEVA

 The Correspondent of the web site www.amunews.uz.

Translated from Uzbek into English by Ulugbek Yusupov.

(Photo by uza.uz)

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